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A place for community, connection and culture.  Living well means healthy living in Mind, Body, Soul, Relationships and Finances.  Promoting healthy individuals and communities and instilling the child-like wonder of the moment, this tribe is excited to live awesome lives.

This space has the following goals: 

1) to let all the glory go to God. 

2) to be a place for my tribe to find each other.

3) to be a place to find and share knowledge, beauty, inspiration and activity.


Online Store

Purchase an original Michael Bruins Oil on Canvas painting. Prints on aluminum and glass, posters, puzzles, coffee mugs and coasters, t-shirts, hats and more to come.


connect and share


Enter the TreeLearning Educational zone.
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The Underground

Meet the Tribe

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TreeRoot Ubuntu Economic Society

Finding new streams of revenue and energy in an ever-changing world

Check out what's happening and see how you can get involved!

Either find support for your own ventures or get involved with the projects already going here.
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Virtual Walkthrough

Virtual Walkthrough of the former Gallery Space

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Health & Wellness

Movement and Self Defense

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Nutrition and fitness, body knowledge, movement and self defense both open hand and weapon training.
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