Call out to teachers and homeschool parents!  I am looking to collaborate with you and to get creative with some team-teaching to develop project based learning tasks that can be shared.  If you are open to engaging creatively with me to explore what’s possible, please drop me a line at

Educators, parents, learners alike. This space aspires to be a place to connect and share and learn in community.  Connecting with others to make education better is the element of my work that I’m most excited about! 

I will build this page up gradually, in collaboration with others.  So, now’s the time, reach out and connect!

Elementary teachers, I’ve got lots of nature footage that I will embed timers into from 1 min to longer time periods, to project during transition periods in the classroom.

Middle school, got some math already, but growing.  I have experience teaching digital literacy, and robotics, to go with the other stuff, so let me know if you are interested in collaborating on something project based, short or longer term.

High schoolers, Math and Physics are my jam. I have lots of cool stuff for art too.  I also enjoy teaching creative writing and have lots of images for use as writing prompts.

English teachers! For the past year and a half, I’ve been using my instagram feed to store photos with captions.  Anything that I’ve ended with punctuation can be mined and categorized into one word sentences, two word, etc.  Examine the grammar and spelling of each post.  Is it correct? History teachers, go farther and examine how the sentence relates to the content of the image.  Given the date the image was created, what were the relevant social events and climate of that day and speculate on the mind and experience of the artist.

My goals here are to: 

1) create resources that inspire awesome learning experiences, 

2) to connect with classroom teachers face to face or in the Bear’s Den virtual classroom.

3) to facilitate the development of a global educational resource of creators and learners.

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