911 tribute

18″ by 24″ Oil on canvas.

This piece comes with a framed poem.  I started it on the 20th anniversary and felt it was something I needed to do, to stop and reflect on that day and how it impacted the world.  I wanted to include the positive, the way I saw people come together to support, to mourn and grieve, to reflect and learn, to heal.  

The world can be such a terrible place sometimes.  There are forces that cause trauma and scar our lives, and yet, there is hope.  Light always finds its way even into the darkest days and moments. 

The most beautiful thing happens when we discover we have a choice and we look around ourselves and see others, even strangers, and we use what we have in our hands to impact someone’s day, life. for good.  We can be the healing suave that someone else needs, and in the process, be healed ourselves!

I have included the videos I made during the process of creating this piece below, followed by photos taken along the way.  The poem I wrote was on a piece of paper that was given to a dear friend’s 4 year old daughter who drew the wavy lines on the paper.  I tried to write the verse to fit the waves on the paper and am happy with the final result.